Conversational English

Does it happen to you that sometimes you feel frustrated because you find yourself unable to express yourself clearly while talking in English?

Ready or not, English is now the global language of business. The fastest-spreading language in human history, English is spoken at a useful level by some 1.75 billion people worldwide, that’s one in every four of us. 

After studying english for several years, many learners find themselves unable to participate in a conversation in english. Sometimes this is because english lessons focus largely on grammar rules and memorization, and often the english in textbooks is quite different from the english people actually use. Even english learners living in english-speaking countries may find they lack opportunities to practice their english in casual, conversational settings. Learning natural conversational english usually takes extra work outside of the classroom and a conscious, focused effort.

Our Conversation Practice Program consists of private or semi-private classes with native English speaking teachers who will help you improve your speaking and listening fluency. During classes, teachers can answer your questions, correct your sentence structure and pronunciation, and give you specific information about technical aspects of English language and communication. 

Whether you want to gain fluency, become more comfortable with natural language, or simply have more one-on-one time with native speaking teachers, our Conversation Practice Program is the right choice for you! 

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