English as a second Language

VTeaching welcomes students from all over the world for whom English is a second language.

Our program is entirely web-based, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch for your classes and your geographical location does not matter. This program is arranged so that you don’t have to leave your current occupation, school semester or busy lifestyle. 

We provide a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical expressions of teaching English as a second language. We teach with key concepts in phonetics and phonology, linguistics, sociolinguistics, language teaching methods and grammar in the context of teaching English as a second or foreign language 

Students will be able to communicate with native English speakers who will provide correction and advice on improving their speaking ability.

Speaking English regularly will build confidence and skill.

A variety of practical subjects and grammar instruction will help students develop a useful vocabulary and speak correctly.

Personalized classes will focus on the specific needs of each student.

Pronunciation, speaking, listening, dialogues, conversations, reading, writing, exercises, formats, essays, directions and assignments will be covered.

School going students:

We use appropriate instructional strategies to help students achieve the curriculum expectations for their courses, as well as for developing appropriate methods for assessing and evaluating student learning.

VTeaching bring enthusiasm and varied teaching and assessment approaches, addressing individual student needs and ensuring sound learning opportunities for every student.

Using a variety of instructional, assessment, and evaluation strategies, We provide numerous opportunities for students to acquire proficiency in English, as well as subject content knowledge. We provide students with frequent opportunities to practise and apply new learning and, through regular and varied assessment, give them the specific feedback they need to further develop and refine their skills.

By assigning tasks that promote the development of higher-order thinking skills, we enable students to become thoughtful and effective communicators in English.

In addition, we encourage students to think out loud about their own language processes, and support them in developing the language and techniques they need to assess their own learning. We provide opportunities to relate knowledge and skills in English language learning to wider contexts, both across the curriculum and in the world.

We motivate students to become lifelong learners. We help students to support them as English language learners, to help them integrate successfully into the academic and social life and to help them learn about elementry, secondary and postsecondary pathways and destinations.

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