It is built on the idea that students learn mathematics most efficiently when they are given opportunities to look into ideas and concepts through problem solving and are then monitored carefully into an understanding of the mathematical standards involved.

Same time, it promotes a balanced program in mathematics. The gaining of operational skills remains an important focus.

We teach the student to the processes that support successful learning of mathematics, which is also considered to be needed to a balanced mathematics program.

Our teachings applies to every grade which includes a set of “mathematical process expectations” describing the students to study and use in all areas of their study of mathematics.

We recognizes the importance of current technologies that brings to the learning and doing of mathematics.

It is therefore integrates the usage of appropriate technologies, while recognizing the continuing importance of students’ mastering essential arithmetic skills.

Learning mathematics is a gradual process. In all grades we help students to develop the understanding of mathematics – that is, the related concepts that form a structure for learning mathematics in a consistant way.

The basics of necessary concepts, processes and skills are introduced in the primary grades and furthered through the junior and intermediate grades. 

We continously help the student from the elementary to the secondary level.

The progress from elementary school mathematics to secondary school mathematics is very important for students to develop the confidence and ability.

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