Social Sciences & Humanities

The social science and humanities share a common object of study: human beings and their world.

Using approaches and scientific analysis, the social sciences study human behaviour and society within such fields as sociology, psychology, and anthropology. Through the assessment of the structures and relations, students learn about the wide range of aspects that have convinced peoples, cultures, and societies.

The humanities explore the fundamental nature and purpose of human existence. Through the study of the humanities students become aware of humanity’s continuing attempts to understand the meaning and objective of life. In humanities students will learn some of the diverse world views and social styles that have molded our world.

Both social science and humanities teach students basic skills and differentiate between facts and judgment. Students are required to make relations between the ideas and facts they gather, and to use that information to solve problems through both independent effort and collaborative work.

We cover topics and issues in the social science and humanities designed to improve practical skills and to advance reflective learning. We provides opportunities for students to take on practical activities (for example, in family studies, students learn to plan a family budget and to arrange foods), as well as to handle research and analysis to meet the curriculum requirements.

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