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Benefits of a group class:

After doing a research we have found out that a group class is more effective than a one to one class because of a competition involved in it and also DO NOT even think that you or your child will learn less if he/she is in a group. You will learn more and do a better progress in a group class GUARANTEED. Just try it.

That is why we have decided to do it in group (Maximum of 2 students per class, ESL and FSL class can have up to 10 members per class).

Here are some benefits of the group teaching:

1. All the participants will be learning from each other also.

2. All the participants will struggle more to do better between one another.

3. You can make your own group including your brothers, sisters, cousins and best friends who are in the same grade like you. Otherwise we will arrange a best match for you.

4. Geographic location is not a matter. One student can be at one location, other could be at a different location and the third one could be somewhere else. Provided that they are in the same time zone or even if the time zone is different we prefer to have a class at a time which is convenient for all participants.

5. Group class will make this service affordable for all.

Off course, you can have a One to One class depending upon you affordability.

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