Vteaching help students for emerging appropriate instructional approaches to attain the curriculum expectations, as well as appropriate approaches to assess and evaluate student's learning. We bring interest and different teaching and assessment ways and means, addressing student's needs and following sound learning opportunities for each student. 

The following subjects will be considered in the descipline of science:

Biology; Understanding Life Systems

Chemistry; Understanding Matter and Energy

Earth and Space Science; Understanding Earth and Space Systems

Physics; Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

We help students to develop understandings and skills necessary to function productively as problem-solvers in a scientific and technological world.

Students are involved in first-hand exploration and investigation and inquiry/process skills are developed.

 Instruction builds directly on the student's conceptual framework.

Our content is organized on the basis of broad conceptual themes common to all science disciplines.

We help students learning elementary science which foster positive attitudes towards self and society, as well as science.

Using a different instructional, assessment, and evaluation strategies, we provide several hands-on opportunities for students to progress and refine their skills, problem-solving skills, critical and creative skills, and communication skills, while learning basic concepts through investigation, exploration, observation, and experimentation. 

The activities offered should empower students to relate and apply these concepts to the social, environmental, and economic conditions and concerns of the world in which they live.

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