Language is the basis for thinking, communicating, and learning. Students neednlanguage expertise to understand ideas and information, to interact within society, to question into areas of interest and study, and to present themselves obviously and to make their learning evident.

Learning to communicate with clearness and accuracy, verbally, in writing, and through a variety of media, will help students to grow well in the world.

With us, students will learn and develop important language skills as they read and think about topics, themes, and issues in various subject areas.

Language ability helps students to learn in all subject areas, and using language for a wide range of purposes increases both their ability to communicate with accuracy and their awareness of how language works.

Students will develop tractability and ability in their understanding and use of language over time.

Students will be able to use language with yet greater accurateness in an ever-expanding range of situations.

They are also anticipated to fulfil the task for their own learning and to apply their language skills in more challenging and complex ways.

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